Medea Corporation

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Medea Corporation is oriented towards marketing and publishing of a variety of works in the digital environment - we host a variety of specialty/niche sites and blogs, develop various proprietary software, plugins, and IM solutions as well as being involved in both in e-book (various formats) and audiobook publishing for a variety of white label clients.

Our business model sometimes involves a partnering arrangement with established and prospectve authors and product creators - you exercise your creative ability to develop a piece of software, maybe a plug-in, or perhaps an entire marketing solution - or perhaps your efforts are focused towards Kindle/e-book publishing such as novels, reference manuals, poetry volumes, etc. - we exercise a different ut necessary form of creativity to actually bring your work to a published state in the digital world.

We are NOT interested in becoming involved in erotica type material or that which could be considered pornographic so please don't ask or submit any such materials.

Please use some of the navigational links above to learn a little more - every project/book/audio is different and though there are generalities, we work on each project on a case by case basis.