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  • Poetry - poetry works can be real bears to format and don't forget, your extravagantly formatted piece will be displayed on a variety of screen sizes, the readers may increase or decrease the font size, they may expand the view (or contract it,) ad nauseum - which basically means that your really careful formatting work goes out the window - remember, you're now working with devices which thrive on re-flowable text and pages and what worked in a typical print format book won't work here - there are some options of course - none of them perfect, but they work - we can help you with that.
  • Fixed Format e-books - also called "fixed layout" books these require special formatting and are typically used for kids books, comics, and the like. These are more complicated than the typical e-book and require special formatting/coding to behave correctly - not all readers support the "fixed layout" format so your potential readership is diminished - and right now you're limited to the Kindle platform. Can they be done? Absolutely! But fewer devices can actually "read" this type of ebook and it's more costly and time- consuming to create them
  • Embedded audio and/or video - again, some special formatting is required and fewer devices can read this specialized code - it can be done but will be much more costly so you'll want to really feel good about your title/work before going down this path.
  • Talking Books - OK, what could be neater than a kid's book that reads to you as you "flip" the pages for junior or sissy! Neat, no question - but it'll cost ya! Again, only a few devices can support these features and you might want to take out a bank loan for the project. If you really want to do this we can talk.