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OK, OK - So you just have to try and do it yourself! Maybe you just have a simple book and want to publish it on Kindle, etc. just for personal satisfaction, etc.
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  • Formatting - Formatting requirements usually create the greatest consternation and sometimes authors will just throw up their hands and give up on trying to create an e-book and aren't willing to partner with a publishing house for whatever reason.

    Following are a couple of links to some formatting solutions that we've used in the past and still occasionally use from time to time for specific circumstances. Everyone has to start somewhere and we've now refined our own internal processes to use some proprietary solutions which we don't offer for re-sale but which we use "in-house." You may find one of the following solutions to your liking and either or both may help you get started.

    We presently have enough new authors and titles in the the pipeline that we don't mind sharing this info as we're now having to be selective in who we partner with due to the limited amount of time and resources to devote to new partners - so, if you want to have a go yourself, these may be of help.