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Which formats do you need?
If you are not already aware, there are a multitude of e-book formats these days - and an e-book which is formatted for one reader may display poorly in another reader.

There are six different Kindle devices at this point, from the older e-ink readers to the latest HD large screen devices - it won't do much good if your e-book is poorly formatted and thus readable on only a few devices - you want your ebook to be viewable across the full spectrum of Kindle readers, from the older black and white versions to the newest HD color versions.

OK, so you have the Kindle platform figured out - but what about Sony, Apple, Barnes & Noble and all the rest? Do you want to just "skip" that segment of the potential reading audience.

If you're like most of us, you'll want your e-book viewable on ALL devices - and what about someone who doesn't even have a Kindle Fire or and iPad, etc. Maybe they're still using desktop computers and prefer that equipment - do you want to skip them? Of course not - so, you'll have to make sure that your ebook is also viewable and formatted to properly display on desktops and laptops as well.

See the "What We Do" section for an overview of the services we offer regarding formatting for your ebook.