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Legal Stuff

We try and keep things simple for you and for us - YOU retain/own the copyright - you're the author, we act as the publisher.

We ask for exclusive DIGITAL (NOT PRINT) distribution rights for a minimum of two years. If you want to go ahead and publish (somewhere else) a hard copy of your book, feel free to do so - we're interested only in the DIGITAL version of your work which carries a totally separate ISBN number and for all intents and purposes is a totally separate work.

You get paid when we get paid (well, within 45 days after we get paid) - various distribution partners have differing payment schedules - so, once we receive payment then we'll get you paid within 45 days after we are paid.

Again, we try and keep it simple - we need 2-year exclusive distribution rights to your DIGITAL work - you get paid soon after we get paid - that's about as complicated as it gets. YOU as the author retain all copyhrights to your work and we'll never ask you to assign your copyright to us (beware of those who do.)