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Publishing Requirements

Basic requirements for a "book" is a Word file, in either .doc or .docx format - but if you don't have that, don't despair - let us know what format you DO have and we'll go from there to decide the best route to go. PDF files, though hard to work with, are NOT impossible but are more work (and thus more costly.)

Image formats generally center around jpg/jpeg, gif, and/or png - if you have black and white line drawings and such, gif usually saves a lot of room and there are limits on image file sizes as well as the total book file size. If you do not have image optimation software we can help with that.

Tables and columns don't work well for the most part and should be avoided - there are other ways to accomplish the same look (such as converting a table to an image file.)

Fancy formatting - forget it - remember, your ebook has to be viewable (if you want to maximize sales) on a wide variety of devices, from say a Blackberry to a desktop computer. Font sizes over the range of 10pt to 12pt (14pt max) are suggested - and remember, it needs to be readable on very small screens so arial or times roman works well.

More specific guidelines and requirements are available once we elect to work with each other as each title is different - some are fairly easy - others are much more complex, etc