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How does Medea Corporation help?
Generally we are NOT interested in simply re-formatting your book for the various e-book readers - there are plenty of services out there that do that (but good luck wading through the myriad of service providers - it'll make your head hurt!)

Our business model involves partnering with you to bring your ebook to market - if you still wish to publish a conventional hard copy book, go right ahead - we're not interested in the hard copy market and if that's your hot button then go for it. Your print book (if you do one) is totally separate and distinct from a digital edition.

Our normal arrangement is a 50/50 split of net proceeds; i.e., we'll split the profits 50/50 with you based on NET sales figures provided to us by the likes of Amazon (for Kindle books) and others. They of course take a commission off of the gross sales price which is great as they handle all of the product delivery, accounting, and other boring things. YOUR job is to function as the author, providing a Word formatted document to us as the publisher - don't worry, it doesn't have to be perfect as we'll likely strip out all the formatting anyway and re-format your book so that it is viewable on all devices.

Though we like to be involved with our authors we realize there may be times when a 50/50 split is not appropriate and you just need someone to complete the formatting and get it uploaded to Amazon/Kindle, etc. - we can do this on a case by case basis - send us your document/work and we'll give you a quote. However, in this scenario we are only doing basic formatting work and thus cannot assist in the marketing aspects - that'll be up to you.

Our job is function as the publisher and to help you wade through the re-formatting process and deliver the finished product, properly formatted, to the likes of Amazon, Sony, etc. So, once you send us a properly proofed (for spelling, punctuation, etc.) document in Word or similar acceptable format we'll take it from there and you can start on your next book.

Costs normally range less than $200 (which YOU pay) for formatting of your book across all major e-reader formats so that you'll have the potential for global distribution, covering virtually every current reader format. And not only for Kindle/Amazon, but also for the rest of the readers out there such as Nook, Palm devices, and such. We'll give you an estimate and get your OK before we proceed of course - if your book has a lot of graphics there could be some issues - each book is unique of course and there are such things as file size limits, graphics requirements (both size and format), as well as total file size - we'll help you with that. The $200 estimate assumes you already have a well-done cover image - if not, then we'll have to locate a graphics person to help with that (we have several we work with) - covers can normally run $50 - $350 - best money you'll spend though as it's critical in the e-book world

Then of course if you really feel good about your work you'll want to have a unique ISBN number - that's included in the $200 estimate as we typically charge $35 for an ISBN number (and registration of same with "Books in Print".) If you're not concerned too much with your work then there are some FREE ISBN numbers available - your call on that - if you spend some time writing what you feel is a good book, then you most likely SHOULD have a unique ISBN number.

There are of course, many more steps to help get your book to market and we'll work with you on that - remember, we're in this 50/50 - if your books don't sell then we don't make any money for our efforts so it's only logical that we want to do everything we can to help your book sell.

Marketing tactics change all the time and often it's the behind the scenes coding here and there that makes all the difference - we recently published a devotional which made it to the #1 ranking in a Google search within less than 10 days, out of 11,700,000+ hits on the search terms. Pretty spectacular. Can we do the same for your title? Who knows - we'll try just as hard but like everything else in life there are no guarantees - but you can do a number of things to tip the scales in your favor.

This is just a quick overview of what WE do - you author the work, proof it, etc. (if you can't spell, etc. then have some friends/relatives look it over) and send it to us in an acceptable format (including images and such in required formats.) We'll take it from there and hopefully, within about 30 days your book will be available world-wide.